I am going to directly skip the gentle introduction for this movie when one should talk about the cast and the crew. The title is quite clear, and you must have bumped into the trailer if you recently went to movie theatres. If you are interested in these details, just go straight here.

There are terrible films, and there are movies that would be gross to catalog as such. However, once outside the theatre you have a definite feeling that something (often not a single detail) did not work. Said without any other spin: we can hardly call this movie anything but banal. While I remain entirely personal, I try to justify where the film has earned the vote I gave it, namely 2.5 out 5 (which is not even the sufficiency, speaking of school’s marks).

The first full point goes to the screenplay or at least its beginning and the premise it outlines. Needless to tell the plot details (although I do not think the movie would suffer spoilers), but the big problem is that even not at one-third of the film, my suspension of the disbelief was already quite un-suspended. The movie isn’t wanting in suspense or rhythm, but quite soon I no longer believed that what I was told could be plausible. And in these cases, the only reason why you do not stand up and exit is that you do not like abandoning things. The parts of pure action (even violent enough) work very well and are far from boring. Unfortunately, once the narrative lost its fundamental support, in the aftermath of the film many scenes fail entirely in arousing the emotional participation they would be thinking; and we’re not talking about one, but at least four to five sequences were, how can I say, scarcely credible and maybe even amiss.

The second point (this is perhaps the only wholly deserved and not rounded up to benevolence) is Noomi Rapace: seven characters, and above all seven persons, who are on the scene for much of the film, with no feeble characterization and forceful interpretation. (Talking about the cast, Glenn Close and Willem Defoe are a thumb’s up, Christian Rubeck not even close.)

Finally the last half goes to entertainment that, as I said, it works globally, and does not downgrade the movie directly into the “unwatchable” category. Briefly: if you want to spend a couple of hours without too many pretensions from a film, go for it, but don’t expect the movie to be up to the idea it lays down at the beginning.